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The beekeepers' corner

In addition to the production of honey, which remains our main activity, we offer virgin queens, swarms as well as beekeeping initiations.


Virgin Queen

To multiply your colonies or to renew your queens, we offer you queen of the marked year.

As a reminder:

White for years ending in 1 and 6

Yellow for years ending in 2 and 7

Red for years ending in 3 and 8

Green for years ending in 4 and 9

Blue for years ending in 5 and 0.

We carefully select the hives on which we perform our grafts.

For more information or to reserve your queens contact us.

Swarms of the year

You want to increase your herd or start with a few colonies.

We offer you swarms of the year in 5-frame hives.

During the purchase you will know:

- the queen's age

- His origin

- the moment of the egg-laying control

- the number of brood and provision frames

- any varroa treatment carried out.


R eins of the year marked (and clipped on request).

For more information or to reserve your swarms contact us.

Discovery and initiation

We offer beehive discovery slots for adults and children who do not have

never opened a beehive.

You want to discover or make discover the fascinating world of bees.

We take the time to open a few beehives with you. Explain how the colony works and answer your questions.

We also offer more in-depth initiation for people wishing to obtain beehives.

Apiary management, the importance of varroa treatment, feeding, the range of PDO Miel de Corse - Mele di Corsica.

For more information,

contact us.

Vous souhaitez plus de renseignements ou une indication tarifaire?

Complétez le formulaire ci-contre,

nous vous répondons au plus vite.

A bientôt, 

Caroline & Rémi.


Merci pour votre envoi !

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