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Reusable beeswax food packaging
  • Reusable beeswax food packaging

    SKU: 0010

    Reusable Bee Wraps or Food Wraps.

    Do you want to get started in zero-waste?

    Why not start with our packaging

    They will allow you to replace aluminum foil and plastic stretch film.

    You can use them to keep:

    - your leftover meals by adapting it directly to your salad bowl or bowl

    - your started fruit and vegetables

    - your hard cheeses in the refrigerator

    With them, you can also nicely wrap your sandwiches and snacks on the go.

    Once used, a little cleaning with soapy water (lukewarm) and it is ready to be reused between 6 and 12 months (depending on your use).

    You will find three different lots, the colors are random for the moment. It will be the surprise until receipt of the package !!

    (And if you don't like surprises, you can give us by messages the dominant colors which you will please).

    - a starter pack containing 4 Bee Wraps:

    2 -> 20x20

    2 -> 25x25

    - a medium pack containing 3 Bee Wraps:

    1 -> 20x20

    1 -> 25x25

    1 -> 35x35

    - a family pack containing 5 Bee Wraps:

    2 -> 20x20

    1 -> 25x25

    1 -> 35x35

    1 -> 40x40

    Our packaging is produced entirely in our workshop in Corsica.

    We do everything by hand: measuring, cutting, waxing, packaging.

    We use eoko-tex 100 fabrics, liner wax from our beehives, pine resin as well as French vegetable oil to guarantee you a quality product that respects the environment.

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