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By sponsoring bees or a beehive,

you TAKE ACTION for the preservation of our bees

and their environment.

And you SUPPORT two passionate beekeepers.


Sponsoring a beehive means:

- promote the procedures   respectful of biodiversity

and the world around us

- support us, harvesting beekeepers,

in our work committed to:

* the protection of our Corsican bee

* the preservation and maintenance of land on which

we set up our hives

* short circuit work directly from the producer

to the consumer .

- feast on quality honey, labeled PDO.

How does it work in practice?

According to the chosen Formula:

-You will receive news from bees throughout the beekeeping season.

Description of our days at the apiaries and honey harvests

(photo and explanatory texts).


- for children certificate of sponsorship beehive,

games, drawing competition, explanation adapted to their age.

- inscription of your choice on the hive

(your name (s) or forenames, small name given to the hive)

- The reception of the jars of honey by you and your relatives.

Shipments are generally made at the end of the beekeeping season. That is to say in Corsica, mid-December.



La Butineuse

- 12 pots de miel de 250g ( panachage des miels de la saison).

- Personnalisation de la ruche dont sera extrait votre miel avec le nom que vous lui avait choisi

- un cadeau de bienvenue

- 1 livraison comprise

La Reine

- 24 pots de miel de 250g ( panachage des miels de la saison).

- Personnalisation de la ruche dont sera extrait votre miel avec le nom que vous lui avait choisi

- une visite des ruches (printemps ou été)


- un cadeau de bienvenue 

- 2 livraisons comprises

 * la protection de notre abeille endémique Corse

 * l'apiculture raisonnée

 * la préservation et l'entretien des terrains et donc de la biodiversité sur lesquels

 nous installons nos ruches 

 * la sensibilisation aux menaces climatiques, aux pollutions des milieux naturels,

à l'introduction de espèces exotiques envahissantes.

 * la vente en circuit court = du producteur aux consommateurs 

144€ pour une année

240€ pour une année
20€/ mois

Sponsor a beehive




Home delivery by post is included in the sponsorship package at the end of the beekeeping season.


Two home deliveries are included in the sponsorship package.

Several options are available to you:

* You want to receive your jars at home in two installments. We can make a first shipment in mid-season and make a second shipment at the end of the beekeeping season (December).

* You want to receive some of the honey jars at home, but you also want to share them with your loved ones.

It is with pleasure that will conduct late season beekeeping carry a can of sending numbers of your choice at home and part of pots address you have indicated.

/! \ Beyond the number of packages provided in your formula

(1 swarm package / 2 beehive package) , we will ask you for a flat-rate contribution of 10 € per additional package.

For people living in Corsica a direct delivery is possible.



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