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  • Honeydew



    It is an amber to very dark colored honey, with a warm, malty, caramelized flavor with aromas of ripe fruit and liquorice.


    Bees forage from May for spring honeydew and until September for Metcalfa honeydew.

    Honeydew is not flower nectar honey.

    To produce it, bees need an intermediary: aphids, pyslles, mealybugs.

    These stinging-sucking insects sting plants in order to feed on the sap and reject the sugary matters that they cannot digest: HONEY.

    These exudates are collected by the bees, brought back to the hive and transformed to make Honeydew Honey.


    Spring honeydew is harvested mainly from: cistus, oak, myrtle and can crystallize.

    Summer honeydew (metcalfa honeydew) is more viscous, thick, dark and does not crystallize.


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