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Sponsorship of a beehive
  • Sponsorship of a beehive

    Why sponsor a Beehive?

    To support two beekeepers who are passionate about their work.

    We are committed to offering you honeys produced with respect for our environment and our bees.

    Your sponsorship will allow us to sell our honey in a short circuit (direct consumer),

    and it will offer you the possibility of having quality honey labeled PDO Miel de Corse - Mele di Corsica, from an exceptional and preserved terroir, throughout the year.

    We propose in this formula to send you 24 jars of honey .

    You will have the possibility to choose if you want:

    • receive all of your jars at home
    • give your loved ones a certain number of jars.

    In this formula 2 items by post are included.

    If you want additional shipments please select the option below or contact us before shipping.

    For additional shipments we ask for a flat-rate participation of 10 € / package.

    The pots are sent at the end of the beekeeping season.

    In Corsica, we end the season in December with Miel de Maquis d'Automne.

    A Gourmet Gift before the end of year celebrations.

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