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Fresh pollen
  • Fresh pollen

    Fresh pollen


    This superfood is sold fresh (keep in the freezer).

    We package it in glass jars that contain 120g of net pollen.



    Spring pollen (Cistus, Asphodel, Heather, Cherry, Borage, Poppy)


    What is pollen?

    It is the male seed of the flower, produced by the stamens, it must meet the pistil of the female flower for the fertilization of the plant.

    The dispersal vectors of du pollen are water, air and pollinating insects (bees).


    Why is pollen essential to the life of the hive?


    The bees harvest it while passing from flower in flower, carrying it on their backs and in the baskets thus fertilizing the plants with their hind legs .


    Once in the hive, they store it in the cells to feed the larvae. It provides them with the proteins they need.


    Fresh pollen

    When the colonies bring in a lot of pollen, we put traps at the entrance to the hive to collect the surplus.


    It is the natural product par excellence, we do not dry it, it is simply sorted by hand in order to remove insects, pieces of plants, ...


    Stimulating the body and immune defenses,

    Notable effect on appetite disorders and intestinal flora,

    Helps fight against fatigue,

    Rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, lactic ferments, ...




    Fresh, the pollen is soft, sweet and melts in mouth.

    You can enjoy it with a spoon or in your yoghurts and compotes.


    Store in the freezer, it is best to take out only the amount you are going to eat. (395)


    For information:



    long cure -> 15 to 20g / day

    attack cure -> 30 to 40g / day



    young - > 4 to 8 g

    pre-teen - teen -> 8 to 15 g


    Pollen & allergy:


    The pollen collected by bees is ENTOMOPHILIC, it does not cause allergic reactions such as hay fever, rhinitis, etc.


    Le pollen transported by the wind is ANEMOPHILE, it is irritating to the respiratory tract and skin.


    For people who react strongly to many allergens, it is best to test 2 or 3 grains over several days.




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